Why is a Laptop Slow and How to Overcome It


Why is the laptop slow? How to fix a slow laptop? This question may cross your mind when doing activities at home. Work activities to helping school children online make everything feel annoying if your laptop is slow or... very slow.

Quoted from Panda Security, below are a number of ways to deal with a laptop that often hangs because it is slow.

1. Check hard disk space

There should be 15% free space on the hard disk. If the hard disk starts to fill up, this can make the laptop slow. Delete some existing programs or files to increase the speed of your laptop.

2. Tabs most of the time?

If you're working with a large project, then it's no surprise that you have so many tabs that you forget to close them. Don't forget to refresh the browser or search engine to make the laptop not slow.

3. Don't forget to delete unused files

Do not forget to delete the temporary files used for the application installation process. Cache and cookies from the internet also make the laptop work harder. For Mac, install the CCleaner application to find out temporary files and delete them. For PC, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.

4. Restart the laptop

Restarting the laptop can refresh memory and can provide opportunities for update installs. If the laptop continues to work non-stop, it's best to restart it once a week to make sure the laptop runs smoothly.

5. Backup data

Try to help the performance of the laptop by starting to backup data by giving an external hard disk. You can also take advantage of online services Google Photos, Amazon Drive, Dropbox and others. That way, RAM is safe and the OS runs better.

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