Twitter Starts Testing Unblocked Unblocked Followers Feature

Twitter has begun testing a new suite of privacy features, one of which is the ability to remove followers without blocking them.

As is known today, to get rid of unwanted followers is to block them. Twitter will also offer an alternative, namely removing followers from the follower list.

In its test announcement, Twitter said that users can remove their followers from the list on their profile page as ..

The way users simply click on the three-dot menu next to the follower's name, then click "Remove follower" so they will no longer be able to see your Tweets that appear automatically on their timeline.

This method is also different from blocking someone who prevents them from seeing for tweet posts and sending direct messages (DMs). These new privacy features such as the Unfollow button are a more 'friendly' way to distance yourself from someone you don't like rather than blocking them.

This feature is similar to Instagram, where users can delete their friends from the followers list without them knowing. And those who have been deleted want to follow them again, they must ask for your approval to become followers again.

In addition to the delete followers feature, the following are potential Twitter privacy features that will be launched in the near future:

Hiding liked tweets

Users will be able to control who can see the tweets they like. There will be three categories to choose from, namely all people, followers, or certain groups. It is not known when this feature will be tested.

Leave the conversation

Users will be able to withdraw from conversations on Twitter by unmenting their account. After enabling the unmention feature, the user's profile will no longer be involved in the conversation and the account that tagged the user for the first time will be prohibited from tagging the user's account again. Twitter says the feature will be trialled by the end of this year.

Hiding old tweets

As the name implies, this feature will be able to hide or archive old tweets. Users can choose whether their tweets will be hidden after 30, 60, 90 days or one year. Currently this feature is still in the concept stage.

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