Elon Musk mocks Jeff Bezos for wanting to live forever


Jeff Bezos is reportedly investing up to millions of dollars in a startup called Altos Labs to prolong life, even eternal life. Elon Musk, who later became a fierce rival to the founder of Amazon, made a satire.

The startup is working on technology to rejuvenate human cells and prolong life. The breakthrough is called reprogramming technology that has the potential to revitalize any cell. This technology may be able to improve myopic vision, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and other problems due to aging of the body.

"And if this doesn't work, he will sue for death!" Elon wrote on his personal Twitter.

Musk has recently been sarcastic about Bezos, who is currently launching a lawsuit against NASA for winning SpaceX as the manufacturer of the moon landing system. As a result of this lawsuit, SpaceX had to postpone the project and NASA's plans to send astronauts to the Moon in 2024 were threatened with being pushed back.

On the other hand, Amazon this week also lodged a protest with the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) for canceling SpaceX's plans to fly more satellites for its Starlink satellite internet service. That's what makes Elon Musk even more annoyed with him.

"Apparently Besos (sic) retired to do a full-time job filing a lawsuit against SpaceX...," Musk said in a recent tweet.

Unlike Jeff Bezos, it is unknown whether Musk is also trying to prolong his life, enjoy wealth or pursue his ambitions. But there was news that he had a hair transplant to look younger. If you look at his photos in the past, Elon Musk has experienced severe baldness but now there seems to be no trace of him.

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