There is bad news for those who crave PS5, get ready to be sad


PlayStation 5 or PS5 stock is still scarce so even if there is, the price is far from the official price tag. For those who have longed for the PS5 and want to buy it at a reasonable price, there is bad news, the PS5 supply is predicted to still not be normal until 2023.

This news comes from Toshiba where the power regulation chip they make is used in the latest generation of consoles including the PS5 and Xbox Series X. It has been a long time since this chip could not be produced optimally due to the Corona pandemic and so on.

The Japanese manufacturer stated that this condition could not be resolved in the short term. In fact, the situation is not predicted to fully improve for another two years or so.

"The supply of these chips will remain very low until at least September next year. In some cases, some consumers may not be fully serviced until 2023," said Takeshi Kamebuchi, boss of Toshiba's semiconductor unit.

This problem actually doesn't just hit the PS5 or Xbox Series X. Several clients from the electronics and automotive industries are also experiencing it. However, the impact is felt the most in the game console business because of the selling factor of goods.

"Game console manufacturers are among the consumers with the strongest demand and I'm really sorry they're frustrated that nothing can be satisfied 100%," Takeshi said in an interview with Bloomberg.

This power regulation chip is difficult to trick or replace. Sony also can't just order from manufacturers other than Toshiba because of the scarcity of chips experienced by all parties. So those who can't wait to ask for a PS5 seem to still have to wait a long time or hope for luck so they can get stock items.

There is bad news for those who crave PS5, get ready to be sad There is bad news for those who crave PS5, get ready to be sad Reviewed by thecekodok on 5:00:00 PM Rating: 5
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