Zoom's New Feature Can Translate Languages Automatically


At the Zoomtopia annual conference on Monday, Zoom introduced a suite of features for its service that it hopes can help millions of users do hybrid work.

Like Zoom's new capabilities, namely Multilanguage Transcription and Translation. By using machine learning and language processing that first transcribes spoken language. After that the language will be translated to the language that the user wants.

These automatic transcriptions and translations will be available this month in beta and will be available to all users by the end of 2021.

There are 30 languages ​​for transcribing from voice to text and 12 languages ​​for the translation feature, all of which will be available in 2022.

Another new feature is Zoom Whiteboard, a digital whiteboard that allows users to interact through this digital board that can be used from a desktop or tablet.

Zoom also updated its Zoom Room Smart Gallery, which features better cameras of all meeting attendees and individual videos of face-to-face participants.

Then the Hot-desking feature that will help users to reserve a table or other space in the office. And also the Zoom Widget that makes it easy to see the meeting schedule and who will join the meeting.

Some of these new features such as Room Smart Gallery will be included in the Zoom app for free. However, for features such as automatic translation services, it is possible to charge an unknown fee.

Zoom is currently a popular video chat service during the pandemic for work and socializing. This addition marks another way companies including Zoom, Microsoft and Google aim to help people move into remote and hybrid work.

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