4 Best PlayStation Now Horror Games, Perfect for Halloween

 Halloween is coming soon, to be precise at the end of October. This seems to be good news for gamers, because they can celebrate while playing horror games.

Luckily for players on consoles made by Sony, the PlayStation Now library has a variety of interesting choices regarding this spooky game. Although there's not much we can share with fans.

There are at least four games listed and are of high quality to enjoy, as compiled by us from Gamerant. The question is, do ineters dare to play it?

4 PlayStation Now Horror Games

Amnesia: Collection

The gameplay presented is quite interesting, where players will be limited not to fight the monsters that appear. Instead, it encourages them to run and hide.

Lucky for fans, because all collections from Amnesia are available on PlayStation Now. So gamers can enjoy the suspense of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, its sequel and various Downloadable Content (DLC).

Slender: The Arrival

As the main character, players are required to run and avoid Slenderman, while carrying out the given objectivity. There are eight pictures related to the monster that must be collected in the forest.

Basically, this game is based on jumpscare or whatever the concept is, giving sudden surprises to scare players. Although it's enough to give a tense, tense feel, however, if you want a deeper mechanic or storyline, you can look for another title.

Until Dawn

Meanwhile, if gamers are looking for a solid story, the right answer is Until Dawn. Tells the story of eight characters who are trapped in the middle of their vacation on a remote mountain.

This game will leave the story to the player, where the eight people have their own unique story. It all depends on your choices, choosing a path for them.

Little Nightmares

Maybe Little Nightmare can be a horror game appetizer for Halloween. This game gives you the freedom to explore with an unforgettable collection of spooky monsters.

You will play a nine year old little girl, named Six. The objective is that the player must help himself out of a spooky place filled with huge monsters.

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