5 Crazy Netizen Squid Game Conspiracy Theories


The wild conspiracy theory 'Squid Game' is scattered by netizens. The popularity of this Netflix original series makes many people feel that there are many irregularities that make them speculate regarding the leaks in the film.

In our summary, here are the 5 craziest conspiracy theories shared by netizens. For those who are watching, spoiler alert! Stop reading here if you don't want the story to be leaked.

1. Gi-Hun is the son of Grandpa Number 1

There are several things that make netizens speculate that player number 456 is the son of grandfather number 1. It all started with the 'Milk Theory'. There is a conversation where Gi-hun admits he can't drink white milk and then the grandfather says that Gi-Hun must have been beaten by his father a lot. When asked where he came from, the grandfather said something suspicious.

"My son is just like you," said the grandfather. In addition, the grandfather admitted that he had lived in the same area as player number 456.

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2. Gi-Hun's child is like a doll

Ga-yeong, daughter of Gi-Hun wears the same color as the doll when playing 'Red Light Green Light'. That, the doll that sings 'mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida' while ready to aim at anyone who moves as she turns around.

What's more, Ga-yeong gets a gun-shaped lighter as a birthday present. As it happens?

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3. Blue or Red?

Remember the game at the beginning before being recruited as a player? It was the incident where Gi-Hun was slapped multiple times while choosing red and failed to turn over the blue paper at the train station.

According to the netizen's theory, it is highly likely that if players choose blue, they will be recruited into the black masked guard and dressed all in red. Meanwhile, if they choose red, chances are they will become players.

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4. Grandpa is not detected

Anyone realize why his grandfather always managed to win until he entered the round near the final in the Squid Game? Actually, there seems to be a 'speciality' for the grandfather. In the game 'Red Light Green Light', do you realize that the grandfather is not detected by the camera in the doll's eyes?

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5. The audience is a 'VVIP guest'

The latter is the scariest part of this conspiracy theory. The audience, we who watched the Squid Game, were part of the VVIP audience who witnessed the struggle of the participants from 456 people and there was only 1 person left -- 2 people if the grandfather was counted as well. Hey, of all the theories, this one is the most terrifying.

However, this is just a movie. The truth of conspiracy theories is not always the same as what netizens believe. Just watch and learn from the Netflix original series, agree?

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