6 Photos You Must Save On Your Cellphone, Mandatory!

 There are a number of photos that you should always keep in the HP gallery. Not just selfies, aesthetic food photos or memes, make sure you've saved the following 6 photos.

We summarized it from Yahoo!, check it out, do you have all the photos yet?

1. Vaccine certificate

It's easy, we can easily connect to the application to check vaccine certificates. But what if the internet dies? Just in case, keep a photo or pdf of your vaccine certificate.

2. SIM, or other ID

It has become a very mandatory provision when traveling everywhere to bring a SIM or other important ID. However, there must still be a photo of the ID in case you lose it. But remember, save photos using a password to keep them safe and not misused in case the phone is stolen.

3. Vehicle license plate and insurance card

If you are a forgetful person, take a photo of the license plate of the vehicle and the car you have along with the insurance card. Just in case, if the vehicle is stolen, it will really help the police to find the car.

4. Health insurance

There are many digital health insurance cards. Save the photo and press 'favorite'. Especially now that it's enough just to bring a cellphone, no need to carry a wallet anymore. If you need it for an emergency, you can use the photo to show it.

5. Photo rental car

Traveling in certain areas sometimes makes us need a car rental or other vehicle. Photos of the rental car before you use it, along with the odometer. So, if the owner demands that you compensate for your pre-existing beret, you can show proof if it wasn't you who did it.

6. Rental properties

Photos of the state of the apartment or rented apartment that you rent to someone else. The goal is almost similar to point number 5, it's just that your position as the owner of the property.

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