Collect Sound WaVe Tokens and Get Free Arena of Valor Hero


Get Free Hero Arena of Valor from WaVe Idol Group, namely Diao Chan, Liliana, Sinestrea, or Yena through a new event that takes place from October 5-18, 2021.

The It's A New WaVe! event will be divided into two phases. The first phase will take place from 5 - 7 October 2021 and the second phase, will start from 8 - 18 October 2021.

You have to complete daily missions, where in each phase you can get WaVe Sound Tokens. Tokens will later fill special milestones and players can get Rewards.

Collect up to 150 WaVe Sound Tokens, to get the Hero Selector Collection. You have the opportunity to have Hero Diao Chan, Liliana, Sinestrea, Yena, Slimz, Errol, Y'Bneth, and Rourke.

In addition, players can also get other prizes such as 500 Arcana Fragments, Primary Flowers, and Collection Dance Selector (containing Dances for Hero Diao Chan, Liliana, Sinestrea, and Yena.

Garena's kindness didn't stop there. Because they are currently holding a Special Super Sale event, which takes place from 5 - 11 October and has the opportunity to get a special discount. The main prize will change at 10.00 WIB every day.

Players can get some attractive discount offers, for purchasing Skins or Heroes. Some of them, such as Slimz Rumble Time, Sinestrea Lazy Sunday, Krixi Wicked Wings, Tachi Tidal Surge, Fennik Forest Squad: Raccoon, Zill Sleepy Freddy, Krizzix Forest Squad: Lizard, Dirak, Yena, Upper Class Gildur, and many more.

Make sure you login and play AOV every day to get all the prizes, Challengers!

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