ColorOS 12 Facts Officially Released by OPPO in 68 Countries

 OPPO has officially announced that the ColorOS 12 operating system is available for users around the world. ColorOS 12 aims to provide a seamless user experience similar to Stock Android 12.

ColorOS 12 also has a new UI with more powerful performance, equipped with various features to increase daily productivity, and help balance work life and personal life.

ColorOS 12 is one of the first OEMs implemented in Android 12 devices. This OS system is available in OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G for the first time in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It will then be available in other device models and in other countries in the coming months.

Inclusiveness Becomes the Main Theme

Present in 68 countries and touching 440 million customers worldwide, inclusivity is a key theme in the development of ColorOS 12. Developed based on OPPO's Infinite Design concept which is light, slick and customizable, this new OS system delivers a more inclusive experience as it is packed with icon displays. and softer animation.

There is also an information framework that can be adapted to various languages ​​and cultures, as well as a framework that can be adapted to different phone formats.

Smoother User Experience and Increased Productivity

Delivering a seamless user experience is a top priority when developing OPPO technology. The new ColorOS 12 prioritizes device comfort and durability.

Through an advanced coding process, ColorOS 12 is able to reduce lag and stutter after using the device for a long time. Anti-fragmentation and intelligent resource allocation provide the ability to extend device life with a 2.75% system aging rate in 3 years, 30% lower memory usage, and 20% more efficient battery consumption.

For the needs of the visual sense of the user, the Quantum Animation Engine applies more than 300 enhanced animations that mimic realistic animation effects. By manipulating resistance, inertia and bouncing movements, the feature makes the overall experience smoother and in tune with the cognitions or habits of the human brain resulting in a more realistic and intuitive experience.

ColorOS also has a number of easily accessible features that can increase user productivity, such as PC Connect, 3-Finger Translate powered by Google Lens, FlexDrop, and Phone Manager.

Prioritize Privacy: Focus on Improved Security

OPPO always accepts suggestions and criticisms from users and prioritizes privacy security in ColorOS. ColorOS 12 comes with all the security and privacy features that have been enhanced from Android 12, such as Privacy Dashboards, Approximate Location Sharing, and Microphone and Camera Indicators.

Display menus and buttons that are clear and easy to use allow users to maintain privacy security. In addition, a number of features developed by OPPO remain, such as Private System, Private Safe, App Lock, and others.

OPPO realizes that OPPO users attach great importance to transparency. Therefore, OPPO has implemented compliance data and has a number of servers spread all over the world. OPPO can guarantee that user data will remain on the nearest server stored in non-plain text format and sent using a proprietary protocol.

OPPO has received security certifications such as EPRivacy and ISO27001 and partners with third-party supervisors to ensure data security and compliance processes.

Other Android Developers Expandable OS

OPPO and its Android development partners share the same principle, namely to contribute to building a culture of openness and technology exchange to improve the quality of the platform. ColorOS has many features taken from stock Android.

Similarly, ColorOS has inspired new changes in Android 12, such as the Wallpaper-based Theming system in Material You, which can be found and launched in previous editions of ColorOS. Another example of this technology trade-off is ColorOS's App Cloner which is now available on Android 12.

OPPO's ColorOS aims to be a more friendly OS for Android developers. In addition to free camera SDKs that have the most advanced features of OPPO cameras such as Video Shooting, HDR, Super Wide-Angle, and others, OPPO also opens access to HyperBoost, Color Vision Enhancement for Android application developers and enhances the Android ecosystem.

ColorOS 12 Release Plan

OPPO will launch ColorOS 12 public beta for the first time today in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia via Find X3 Pro 5G. ColorOS 12 will then continue to be developed and available on other devices and other countries in 2021 and 2022.

OPPO targets that ColorOS 12 can be downloaded on 110 million devices and reach 150 million users.

OPPO Exclusive Upgrade Policy

For the first time, OPPO announced this new OS update policy. For OPPO devices launched in 2019 and after, OPPO will carry out three types of Android updates for the Find X series and two types of Android updates for the Reno/F series and one type of Android update for some A series, and equipped with security patch updates for four years. forward for the Find X/Reno/F series and three years for the A series.

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