Nostalgia for the First Generation of 2000's HP, what are they?

 Most teenagers in the early 2000s were able to enjoy cell phones even though they were not as sophisticated as now. Maybe this is an example of their first cellphone with variations.

The Siemens M55 used to be quite in demand with its manly design. The price is also quite expensive, suitable for teenagers who have quite a lot of money.

This is the Siemens C55 with a typical Siemens design at that time, one of the most popular cellphones among teenagers with fairly complete features at its time.

If this is the Siemens A55 which is cheaper than the C55 version.

The Samsung of the 2000s hasn't said too much in the mobile world. But the products are quite a lot, including this C100.

The Samsung R220 used to be quite popular with teenagers because of its relatively cheap price.

If this is the Nokia 6600 which in the 2000s was quite prestigious. Teens who wear it must be proud. suitable for those who have an excess budget.

The Nokia 1100 includes a million people's cell phones, and many are even referred to as the best-selling cellphones of all time.

Duet Nokia 3315 and 3310 which used to be very many users because they are cool and quite affordable.

Motorola Razr is suitable for those teenagers who have a lot of money. This phone was a hit in the early 2000s.

T190 cheap mobile phone is suitable for tight pockets.

This is also Motorola's old cheap cell phone for teens who want to save money, the Motorola C115.

The Sony Ericsson T610 is the dream of the millennial era.

If this is the Sony Ericsson T310 which can be fitted with an external camera.

This is the Sony Ericsson T100 which used to be quite popular and popular among teenage girls.

The Nokia N Gage, which looks cool and is designed to play games, may be the first mobile phone for wealthy teenagers at that time.

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