Hackers Hack Twitch, Streamer Salary Data Leaks

 Twitch, Amazon's video streaming service, has been hacked by hackers. The leaked information and data includes source code, streamer payroll, and product plans to be released.

This hack was discovered after an anonymous hacker uploaded 125GB of data on the 4chan forum, which he claimed contained the entirety of Twitch and its commit history. The hacker said this data was leaked to encourage competition in the realm of video streaming.

Twitch has confirmed the data breach via Twitter, but did not provide details on how much and what data was compromised.

"We can confirm that a hack has occurred. Our team is working with urgency to understand the extent of the scope of this hack," Twitch said in a tweet on Twitter, as quoted by The Verge, Wednesday (7/10/2021).

"We will update the community as soon as possible as additional information becomes available. Thank you for being patient."

The types of data that were leaked varied, including salaries received by Twitch streamers from 2019 until now. In addition, the entire Twitch site and source code for mobile, desktop, and console Twitch clients were also leaked.

The leaked data also reveals competitor Steam products that are being prepared by Amazon Game Studios, as well as other data such as Twitch's internal security tools, SDK-related code and internal AWS services that Twitch uses.

This data leak is referred to as the first part, which indicates that hackers will return to reveal the data they have compromised. The leaked data did not include passwords or personal information of Twitch users, but that doesn't mean hackers don't have this information.

Although Twitch has confirmed the hack, it's still unknown how much data was stolen. Twitch also advises some users to change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

Twitch was bought by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million. This video streaming platform is popular with gamers, with millions of streamers and tens of millions of users.

Twitch is the platform of choice for some of the top and most popular streamers, including Tyler Blevins aka Ninja who is the streamer and gamer with the most followers on Twitch.

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