Looking at the Age of the Nokia Cellphone, the Dream of a Million People


Nokia's golden age is still vivid in memory, when its status was still the phone of a million people.

Starting around 2000, Nokia was the unrivaled king of mobile phones.

Their cell phones are selling almost all over the world.

At that time, cell phones were still feature phones, not as sophisticated as they are now.

Nokia also issued many types of models, including the odd ones.

Opposing Nokia phones like this was pretty cool in the past.

Nokia ads are everywhere.

Children also want to buy Nokia phones.

Nokia store where people can try their latest mobile phones.

Nokia also issued a sophisticated mobile phone series Communicator which was very prestigious at that time, aimed at business people.

Nokia is also a pioneer of integrated camera phones.

Various types of Nokia phones.

At that time, the competition in the mobile market was not as tight as it is now.

Nokia also showed a lot of teeth at technology exhibitions.

This Finnish manufacturer has also set up many specialty shops in various parts of the world.

But the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 began to bother Nokia.

They also began to release a lot of touch screen phones.

Also with a keyboard to rival BlackBerry.

To compete with Android and iPhone, Nokia decided to use Windows Phone in 2011.

Unfortunately the Windows Phone gambling failed miserably which led to Nokia being bought by Microsoft. Their triumph ended quite tragically. But now Nokia has started to bounce back with various types of flagship Android phones.

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