Netizens Flood Tears Watch Hometown Cha Cha Cha Episode 14

 Netizens who love drakor are in tears while watching #HometownChaChaChaEp14. They also claimed to be curious about the fate of Hong Du-shik's character whose past began to be revealed.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha tells the story of a dentist named Yoon Hye‑jin (Shin Min A) who moves from Seoul to a fishing village of Gongjin. There he meets Hong Du-shik (Kim Seon Ho) who can do a lot of work. Long story short, the two fell in love and started dating.

Continuing the 13th episode, Hye-jin wants to know Du-shik's past, especially when he lived in Seoul before returning home to Gongjin. But Du-shik doesn't want to open his mouth yet.

That's what then made netizens tear up because they saw Du-shik so powerless to reveal his gloomy story to his lover. But then netizens were surprised and curious, because Du-shik's past slowly began to be revealed through the people around him.

All of that will be discussed in episode 15 which will air on Saturday (16/10/2021). Here are the reactions of netizens after watching episode 14 which was so crowded that #HometownChaChaChaEp14 became a trending topic until this morning.

Even though the core of the problem is still a riddle, but seeing Hong Banjang like this, I feel really sad, so far it must have been a heavy burden because I can't share stories with other people, I hope Hyejin can be a healer for Hong Banjang's trauma #HometownChaChaCha#HometownChaChaChaEp14 pic.twitter .com/MUkqdqrzHc

— a (@apaajahlah_) October 10, 2021

Watching #HometownChaChaChaEp14 I can only cry this 1 episode...the problems have started to open one by one from each actor...a drama that doesn't have an antagonist role, why is it always so deep..

— Shintya Permatasari (@shintyapermata) October 10, 2021

After watching #HometownChaChaChaEp14, I feel sad alone, look at hong du shik/seon ho

— hani handayani (@handahani) October 10, 2021

Next week there will be a marathon ep 13-16 already so the destruction will be even more pronounced. Happy ending pls, I'm so tired of crying over Drakor #HometownChaChaChaEp14

— Dhiaz Nanda Pratiwi (@dhiazepam) October 10, 2021

What is this #HometownChaChaChaEp13 and #HometownChaChaChaEp14 make a flood of tears

So want to hug Du-sik wkwkwk

— Pinta Mianito (@pintamianitoo) October 10, 2021

please happy ending please, I'm tired of crying from ep 13 and now crying again in ep 14 #HometownChaChaChaEp14

— azizah (@azizahdoeslife) October 10, 2021

The ending is really right

I have to wait for another week stay strong Hong Dusik


— sa (@fttttiin) October 10, 2021

Me after watching #HometownChaChaChaEp14

— Amie (@amiecumi) October 10, 2021

Did you also cry watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha episode 14?

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