Pokemon Unite Reach 25 Million Downloads in a Week

 The Pokemon Unite game has been downloaded 25 million times within a week of its release on the Android and iOS platforms.

This game was only officially launched on September 22, after previously being in the pre-registration period. During that time, the number of registrants has crossed the 9 million mark.

This MOBA genre game has previously appeared on the Nintendo Switch platform, since last July 2021. This popularity seems to be thanks to the unique MOBA gameplay.

The reason is that this game is not oriented towards destroying the tower like other market MOBA games, but rather competing against each other to get the highest score until the end of the game.

Before playing Pokemon Unite, there are things that must be known. Anything?

Pokemon Evolution

This is one of the things that other MOBA games don't have. Some characters in Pokémon Unite can change or evolve into higher level Pokemon. The higher the Pokemon's evolution, the stronger the Pokemon's abilities.

How to Win the Game

If other MOBA games are required to destroy the opponent's base to win the game, this is not the case in Pokémon Unite. To win the match, the two teams consisting of 5 people each (5 vs 5) will compete to get the highest score by collecting Aeos Energy and putting it into the opponent's goal zone.

Pokemon Type

Because it is based on a 5 vs 5 game, The Pokemon Company as the developer of this game has prepared 5 different Pokemon classes, with the aim that players can work together to win the game.

Attacker: Pokemon that fall into this class are equipped with the ability to deal great damage, but have less in terms of endurance due to the small number of health points.

Speedster: As the name implies, this type of Pokemon relies on speed so it has high mobility with a wider cruising range. Pokemon like this are effective for providing surprise attacks in order to earn points.

All-Rounder: In other MOBA games, All-Rounder is the name for an Offlaner. This type of Pokemon has balanced offensive and endurance stats, making it suitable for solo play and sweeping paths up or down the game area (map).

Defender: Pokemon that has high durability and excels in protecting allies to withstand enemy attacks. This type of pokemon will usually be near an attacker type Pokemon that has lower health points. In short, this type of Pokemon is a tank in charge of guarding the core from enemy attacks.

Supporter: This is a type of Pokemon that provides support for the team with the ability to control crowd control, such as stun, knock up or healing. Usually, supporter type Pokemon will be around the attacker and defender.

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