Reaching for the Sun, RI Mobile Game Ready to Release October 7, 2021


Eternal Dream Studio together with Niji Games, a game developer from Indonesia, presented a mobile game entitled Reaching the Sun. Tells about mental health and will be released tomorrow, Thursday, October 7, 2021.

"The release on October 7, is our effort to welcome World Mental Health Day which falls every October 10," said Lucky Putra Dharmawan, Founder & CEO of Eternal Dream Studio.

Based on his narrative, this game tells the story of Mentari's struggle, a victim of bullying at school who is currently recovering. Where is the story in it, based on the author's personal experience, as a survivor.

"The gameplay itself is a visual novel. The game will be difficult to lead to the storyline. The goal is to socialize the importance of mental health issues and how to deal with mental disorders in teenagers," said the man who is familiarly called Lucky in his statement.

He explained, in some scenes there will be choices, which will determine the storyline and different endings. At least, Lucky says they have six endings.

"For now, Reaching the Sun is only available on the Android platform. The story has 15 chapters and tomorrow we will release 3 chapters first, where later we will update 1 chapter every two weeks," Lucky said.

When all the chapters have rolled out, then this game will only come to iOS and PC. However, it is likely that its presence on the two platforms will be a premium game, unlike Android which is free to play.

Reaching the Sun itself, is the official name for the territory of Indonesia. As for the global version, it's called The Shines Over Us.

"So the game itself will not show the form of bullying that is accepted. It's just a flashback. Because we are more focused on giving an overview to players, how Mentari's journey can heal, against his trauma in the past," he added.

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