Survey: Python Becomes the Most Popular Programming Language

 For the first time in 20 years, the Python programming language overtook Java, JavaScript, and C.

It was Tiode, a software quality assessment and monitoring company, who stated this. They've been monitoring programming languages ​​for the past two decades, and this October, Python is finally the most popular programming language.

They use queries on various popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, as well as sites like Wikipedia and YouTube to create this list. In total there are 25 search engines and sites used to compile the index.

Keep in mind, this index does not contain the order of the best programming languages, nor the number of lines of code written in that language. However, it is limited to the number of searches for certain languages ​​in search engines.

"Python, which started as a simple scripting language, as an alternative to perl, has matured. Its ease of learning, large number of libraries, and wide usage across multiple domains, make it the most popular programming language today," said Tiobe CEO Paul Jansen.

The emergence of Python in the top ranking is also not only due to an increase in search engines. But because other programming languages ​​have decreased. For example, C fell to 5.79% compared to October 2020, where searches reached 11.16%, while Java dropped from 10.46% to 2.11%.

Several other programming languages ​​in the top 10 list include C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, and Assembly Language.

In 2020 there was also a survey conducted on 17 thousand developers, which stated that JavaScript was the most widely used programming language. The report also said that Python added 2.2 million developers, which was due to an increase in the use of machine learning and data science.

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