The worrying fate of Jack Ma now has a bright spot

 The fate of Jack Ma was feared by many parties. Naturally, he had not publicly appeared or spoke in public for a year. But there is a bright spot that proves that the founder of Alibaba is fine, even free to carry out his activities.

The latest news, he flew to Spain from Hong Kong on a private plane in order to vacation. This news made Alibaba's share price soar to 9%. Investors are certainly relieved to hear that Jack Ma is somewhat clear on his fate, not arrested or otherwise.

In Spain, reliable sources say Jack Ma vacation using his private yacht. The South China Morning Post media said that Jack Ma was also studying agriculture and technology related to environmental issues.

"There's no doubt in my mind that if Jack Ma doesn't disappear again it will at least make Alibaba's share price rise 10%, because that has long been one of the uncertainties for many investors," said Tariq Demison, analyst at GFM Asset Management.

Previously reported, Hong Kong media The Standard quoted two reliable sources, stating that Jack Ma was seen in Hong Kong City on October 1, 2021.

In Hong Kong, as well as from The Standard quoted by us, Jack Ma had several dinners with his business partners. It was later reported that he had played golf with close friends at the Hong Kong Golf Club in Fanling.

Thus, it is certain that the Chinese government did not detain Jack Ma or ban him from overseas, but rather so that he would not appear in public openly.

In October 2020 a year ago, Jack Ma gave a speech criticizing China's financial system. Since then, it can be said that he has mysteriously disappeared without sufficient clarity as to where he is and how he is doing. He only appeared a few times, mostly in cyberspace. Now there is a bright spot about his fate.

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