Windows 11 is officially available starting today, here's how to get it


Windows 11 is officially available starting today, Tuesday (5/10/2021). In addition to the new look, it brings many new features. Want to know how to get this PC operating system?

"Today marks an exciting milestone in the history of Windows. As the day becomes October 5 in every time zone around the world," Microsoft said in a statement.

"Windows 11 availability begins through a free upgrade on eligible Windows 10 PCs and on new PCs pre-installed with Windows 11 that can be purchased starting today."

How to Get Windows 11

Buy a new PC pre-installed with Windows 11

Purchase an eligible Windows 10 PC for a free upgrade to Windows 11

Use the PC Health Check app to check if your current Windows 10 PC is eligible for the free upgrade. The link is here

How to Update Windows 11

When the PC you are using supports Windows 11, here's how to update Windows 11

Go to Settings

Click Update & Security

Click Windows Update

Press Check for Update

Click Download and Install when it is available

Windows 11 New Features


Microsoft provides a Widget that can be accessed when the cursor is hovered to the left of the screen. It contains various important information for users, from weather, calendar, stocks to news.

According to the technology giant from Redmond, this widget is equipped with AI and allows users to personalize it. In addition, the appearance can be made more full screen just by pulling it.


Microsoft integrated Teams into Windows 11. Make it easy for users to better connect and share files with just one click on the taskbar. But the question is how will Skype be, will it be retired like MSN Messenger?

Snap Layouts

Microsoft seems to realize that most of its users always have more than one application open at the same time, hence the Snap Layouts. This feature allows us to organize multiple windows on the screen more easily.

So no need to pair manually anymore. Just one click, the application is immediately arranged according to the selected pattern.


Multitasking is the main focus of Windows 11. That's why Microsoft provides a more reliable way to multitask and stay aware of what needs to be done with the Desktop feature.

This feature allows users to group tasks across multiple desktops. So users can have Desktops for work, gaming, or school. Switching between Desktops is easy.

For those who use a second monitor, when removing the screen, Windows 11 will minimize the display of the monitor. Previously everything that was opened on the second monitor went straight back to the main screen.

As soon as plugged back into the second monitor, what was minimized went back to the way it was before. This is a very useful addition for anyone using a second screen.

Adaptive Screen

Supporting hybrid devices, Windows 11 provides a rotatable adaptive screen for portrait use.

Pen, Gesture, and Voice Control

Windows 11 is designed to be flexible with how users want to enter information when they don't want to use a keyboard or mouse. This operating system is designed for stylus pen use and has new haptic feedback.

Microsoft provides gesture control, either using a pen or finger on the touch screen. Given a virtual keyboard like a smartphone, complete with swipe gestures, cursor control by pressing the space bar, and emoji. Users can use voice input to dictate text with auto punctuation.


Microsoft is using its experience in tuning Xbox to deliver a more powerful gaming experience with Windows 11. Games built on the Direct X 11 platform (or higher) will be supported with Auto HDR, just like those used on Xbox.

Another Xbox legacy function is DirectStorage, which allows assets to be loaded onto the graphics card to greatly reduce load times. But it takes a hard drive and the right drivers to take advantage of it.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass gives Windows 11 users access to a plethora of PC games as well as Xbox Cloud games. The application is integrated directly into the platform making access easier. Users can take advantage of the cross play and cross save capabilities to switch between consoles and PCs, and purchase games directly from the Xbox app.

Windows Store

The Windows Store has been overhauled, making it quicker and easier to find new apps. This app store also provides games and movies for download.

Android Application

Windows 11 provides support for Android applications. Microsoft makes it integrated into the platform and can be used with other Windows programs. Android apps can be downloaded via the Microsoft Store and the Amazon app store.

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