YouTube Music Free Listening to Music Even If You Quit the App


When the user is listening to a song through the YouTube Music application and then switches to another application, the song will stop. To continue listening to music, the user must re-enter the YouTube Music application.

But this does not apply to subscribers who subscribe. It is known that background playback is one of the features that YouTube excels at, so if users want to keep playing the sound of the video or music being listened to while opening another application, they must subscribe first.

But don't worry. This background playback will later be available to all YouTube Music users, including free users.

"Every new update to YouTube Music starts with listening to people, and we've heard you loud and clear: Keep playing the music," Google wrote.

But for starters the country of Canada that Google chose for this feature. Although it's not clear when this feature will expand to many other countries, Google's blog hints that it will be expanded soon.

"Stay tuned for additional information and expansion plans," Google wrote on its blog. So it can be assumed that YouTube will soon bring the feature to a wider audience in hopes of competing with their music-focused rivals.

Although this feature was previously exclusively for YouTube Premium users, other services that users cannot experience for free besides ad-free listening, users can also download videos for free or offline, and can also easily switch between regular audio and music videos.

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