5 Tips to Look Maximum During Lectures and Virtual Work Meetings


Have you ever felt that you were less than optimal during online lectures or virtual work meetings? It could be due to a series of important preparations that you missed.

Even though it's just a virtual meeting, it's a good idea to keep everything ready so you can look your best. Starting from the appearance of yourself to the equipment that will be used must be prepared properly.

Then, what are the series of preparations that must be considered? Here are 5 important tips to look your best during online lectures and virtual work meetings.

1. Choose a Room with Sufficient Light

Lighting is very important for conducting virtual meetings that require you to appear through the camera. If you are at home, choose a room near the window so you can get maximum light. You can also use lighting from a light that is bright enough.

If you are outdoors, choose a place with light conditions that are not too bright. You can choose a closed room but has enough light. In addition, you also need to choose a room with conditions that are not too crowded with noise so that lectures or work meetings are not disturbed.

With enough light, your appearance will look more attractive on the camera.

2. Choose a Neutral Background

In addition to choosing a room with sufficient light, you also need to choose a background or background to hold online lectures or virtual work meetings.

You can choose a background with a neutral color, such as black, white, gray, beige, and so on. If you don't find a room with a neutral color, you can change the background through the video conferencing application feature that you use.

3. Wear a Polite and Attractive Outfit

Even though it's only virtual, you still have to pay attention to your appearance, because after all, online lectures and virtual work meetings are formal activities that many people can see.

You can wear outfits like you are in a face-to-face lecture or working in a real office. That way, you will still feel the face-to-face atmosphere even though you are meeting virtually.

For those who want to look simple, you can choose an attractive and still polite boss. Don't forget to choose a color that contrasts with the background color when you hold a virtual meeting.

4. Use a Quality Webcam

In order to perform optimally during online lectures or virtual work meetings, the important thing that must be prepared is the equipment that will be used. One of them by using a quality webcam.

Photo: Doc. Logitech

Even though the device you are using already has a built-in camera, the results are often unsatisfactory. Therefore, it is important for you to use a quality webcam, such as the Logitech Webcam which has a webcam type that produces a clear view.

The Logitech Webcam that you can use is the C922 PRO HD STREAM Webcam. This webcam has superior features that can make you look your best, including:

Produce natural, bright, detailed colors in Full HD 1080p at 30fps or ultra-fast HD 720p at 60 fps.

The lens features HD autofocus, auto-light correction, a stereo microphone with a range of up to 1 meter and a wide diagonal field of view up to 78°.

Produces extremely sharp high-def video in any lighting.

Equipped with two omnidirectional microphones so you can capture more realistic and clear audio.

Can easily create, record, and customize settings using the Capture app.

You can edit and customize your stream, so you can add transitions and captions, customize webcam settings, and much more.

With the C922 PRO HD STREAM Webcam, you no longer have to worry about your appearance during online lectures or virtual work meetings.

5. Use a Headset that Can Minimize Noise

In addition to a quality webcam, your appearance will be maximized and perfect with a headset that can minimize noise.

This device is very important so that you can listen well when doing lectures or virtual work meetings. You can also speak in a clear voice that everyone can hear without any distractions.

For that you can use one type of Logitech headset called the H540 USB Headset. This headset provides HD digital audio that can make your voice maximized during virtual meetings.

Photo: Doc. Logitech

The H540 USB Headset can complete your appearance to make it more optimal because it has the advantage of useful features. What are these advantages?

Includes plug-and-play headset types compatible with every Mac or PC computer.

Equipped with a USB-A port without the need to install software.

Equipped with laser-tuned drivers and built-in equalizer for precise audio.

Has a noise canceling microphone to minimize unwanted ambient noise for clear conversations.

It features on-ear controls and a mute indicator light for easy viewing when the microphone is muted.

It has a very comfortable design with ear cups and a cushioned headband wrapped in soft leather.

Those are 5 important tips so you can look your best during online lectures and virtual work meetings. With sufficient preparation, starting from your appearance as well as quality webcam and headset equipment, you can be more confident every time.

So how are you? With Logitech Webcams and Headsets you can be better prepared to perform optimally in all virtual activities.

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