AMD Prepares 'Genoa', 5nm 96 Core Processor


AMD is expanding its line of enterprise processors by preparing two new processors in the Epyc line with a number of cores that are not kidding.

The two processors are Genoa and Bergamo, which have 96 cores and 128 cores respectively, which will be released in 2022 and 2023. This new processor has 2 times the density and efficiency and has 1.25 times better performance.

Genoa is a heavyweight processor with a wide range of uses. Its 96 cores are based on the Zen 4 architecture and built using TSMC's 5nm process. This processor also supports DDR5 and PCIe 5.0.

Genoa was actually first announced in 2019 and was originally expected to be released in 2021. However, its presence was delayed due to problems with component supply.

AMD CEO Lisa Su confirmed that Genoa would be released in 2022, although he couldn't say the exact date.

The second processor is Bergamo, which is designed for cloud data center purposes. The chip manufacturing process still uses 5nm but is optimized for cloud-native computing purposes. Because of that, the core used is Zen 4c, which is actually similar to Zen 4 but the cache is optimized for the need for more cores and denser threads.

Judging from the number of cores, Bergamo could be called a monster processor. Because there are 128 Zen 4c cores in a processor. Just like Genoa, bergamo also supports DDR and PCIe 5.0, as well as CXL 1.1, RAS, and Infinity Guard.

The socket used is the same as Genoa, namely SP5, but Su promises that the performance per socket will be very impressive. These processors begin shipping in the first half of 2023.

There are already several big names that have confirmed that they will be the first users of this processor, namely Meta, Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS), and Alphabet (Google Cloud).

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