Apple Boss Claims to Invest in Crypto Coins


Apple CEO Tim Cook admits that he invests some of his personal money in cryptocurrencies.

This was revealed in a discussion at the Dealbook conference held by the New York Times. According to him, the investment in crypto was done to diversify his portfolio.

"I think it's reasonable to have it as part of a diversified portfolio," said Cook.

But then he immediately continued his statement. "I do not give investment advice to anyone," he explained. Cook also did not reveal what crypto coins he bought to invest.

But what is clear is that he admits that he has been interested in crypto coins for a long time, and has done research before investing. Keep in mind, his interest in these crypto coins is a personal choice.

As for Apple, he is clearly more careful and firmly says that he will not invest Apple's wealth in crypto coins. He also admitted that Apple does not plan to allow the purchase of Apple products using crypto coins in the near future.

Even so, he also mentioned that there were other things related to crypto coins that Apple was exploring. But of course he did not reveal the plan clearly.

In the 30-minute discussion, Cook answered many questions from various topics. Including the matter of sideloading applications on mobile phones, which until now cannot be done legally on iOS due to security concerns.

"If you want to sideload, you can buy an Android phone. You can choose that when it comes to the store. If that's important to you, then you should buy an Android phone," explains Cook.

Cook analogizes the sideload of this application as a car manufacturer that sells cars without airbags or seat belts.

"The risk is too high to do that. This is not an iPhone if it does not maximize security and privacy," he explained.

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