Apple Watch Saved This Woman's Life From Heart Attack


Apple Watch, this smart watch made by Apple, has been equipped with a heart rate tracker that users can use to measure heart rate during exercise.

This feature can also alert users if they have a very high or low heart rate, which means there is an indication of a health hazard.

The latest story of a life saved thanks to the use of Apple Watch is Patti Sohn, a resident in Missouri, United States. He credited the Apple Watch with saving his life after being warned that his heart rate was very low.

Sohn shared that he has a healthy lifestyle and regularly exercises, eats, and always uses an Apple Watch as a gift from his son.

He recounted when his Apple Watch rang on his wrist announcing that his heart rate had been below 43 for the last 10 minutes.

As a retired nurse practitioner, Sohn knew that this figure was lower than usual so he immediately checked his pulse manually and took a blood pressure test.

Her husband then drove her to Missouri Baptist Medical Center where she was treated and stayed the night for monitoring.

But a week after getting treatment apparently he got another warning from his Apple Watch. Arriving at the hospital it was discovered that he had second-degree heart block which required him to have a pacemaker inserted.

"There was a bit of an adjustment period to having a pacemaker in him, but in the end he's happy and thanks the doctors and his Apple Watch for saving lives," he said.

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