Scientists Warn Earth Threatened by Alien Invasion, Here's Why


The alien invasion of Earth according to this scientist cannot be underestimated. Indeed, what may come may not be creatures like humans, but organisms such as microbes, but still the risks are quite dangerous.

According to new research published in the journal BioScience, it's all related to human exploration into space that is increasingly intensive. Researchers say that on Earth, humans sometimes transfer species to new environments and become pests for native species.

The same thing might happen where alien life from another planet contaminates Earth and vice versa.

"The search for life beyond our planet is an exciting adventure that could lead to something in the near future," said lead author of the study, professor Anthony Ricciardi of McGrill University, Canada.

"However, with more and more missions to space including those carrying samples to Earth, it is important to reduce the risk of biological contamination in both directions," he advised.

It is impossible to know what kind of alien creatures will be found in the exploration of outer space. "We can only speculate about what types of organisms might be found if space experts manage to find life," said Anthony.

"The most probable form of life seems to be a microbe and perhaps a bacteria-like one," the professor estimates.

Alien contamination between planets is very unlikely, because the inhospitable space conditions make it impossible for organisms to survive to Earth or vice versa. However, humans still have to be aware of it because similar events that occur on Earth cause big problems.

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