Video Call Using Headset, How Long Should It Be Maximum?

The pandemic has forced many companies to implement a work from home (WFH) system, which allows meetings to be conducted online. To be safe for the ears, how long is the maximum?

For employees who really need to use a headset all day for phone calls, they need to rest their ears at least every four hours.

For those who really need to wear a headset all day, I recommend a maximum of 4 hours, then rest for 10 minutes.

Previously, Brodjo also compared enterprise-class headsets with other headsets, including headsets that are often included in cell phone sales packages. According to him, the difference is very pronounced, especially in terms of comfort.

"Try to use the headset (which comes with the cellphone) for 4 hours in a row. It must be painful and hot in the ear," he said.

That's why Jabra released the Evolve2 75, which is intended for professional workers who need a headset for phone calls or video calls during meetings.

This headset promises to be comfortable to wear because it uses a unique dual-foam technology, equipped with ergonomic earmuffs and ergonomic ear cushion design made of synthetic leather.

Another advantage is the guarantee of product quality and more guaranteed after sales service. Currently, according to him, there are many brands that sell headsets at very cheap prices, but their durability is not guaranteed.

If it is a well known brand, the durability is certain, compared to cheap but easily damaged ones. If the premium is also guaranteed more than one year. Jabra averages 2 years, some even have 3 years.

During the warranty period, Jabra will not repair a damaged headset. But immediately exchanged for a new unit.

If in-service it will reduce the sound quality. That's why the Jabra warranty is replaced with a new one.

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