ControlFreek Thumbstick Release for PS5 Stick


ControlFreek, part of SteelSeries, releases the latest generation of thumbsticks for controllers on modern consoles, such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The innovations presented by ControlFreek in designing this latest generation of thumbsticks include the use of the fourth generation prong mechanism. The use of this latest mechanism is claimed to provide the best performance in terms of stability and security for gamers.

This thumbstick is also equipped with the most advanced thumb grips that have a choice of three height options. One of them is the option of thumb grips which are 13.25mm higher than the default thumb grips for more accurate and precise performance.

The various advantages that can be felt by gamers are ergonomic design, maximum level of precision and accuracy of movement, better grip, reducing unnecessary movements so that hands don't get tired quickly, and increasing accuracy during gaming sessions.

These advantages can be obtained because of the high-end materials used by ControlFreek. A clear example of this advantage is that users can feel more accurate and faster shots in various FPS games, more agile movements in RPG and Battle Royale games and more competitive in various esports games.

The following are some of the superior features of the ControlFreek product:

The world's most advanced Thumb Grips with a fourth-generation prong mechanism optimized for next-gen console platforms.

Highly ergonomically designed to bring the best performance to gamers.

Thumbstick equipped with various size and height options to provide more precise and accurate movement.

The use of the best rubber material to increase grip and minimize slippage.

Available for PlayStation 5 | PlayStation 4 | Xbox X/S | Xbox One

ControlFreek products are available on the market.

FPS Free Galaxy (PS5/XBox)

FPS Freek Inferno (PS5/XBox)

Freek Edge FPS (PS5/XBox)

Omni (PS5/XBox)

Battle Royale Nightfall (PS5)

Gaming Light

Gaming Cable 12FT HDMI

ControlFreek is part of SteelSeries, one of the market leaders in the gaming gear category. Steelseries acquired ControlFreek in December 2020 to strengthen its presence especially for the gaming console market.

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