PUBG Mobile Gives Prizes, There's an iPhone 13 Pro Max


During November, PUBG Mobile held various events with various attractive prizes. One of the prizes is the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

One of these events is the PUBG Mobile Reunion Party, which is part of the PUBG Mobile Global Festival which started on 9 November. The program which will end on November 25 will provide some interesting things for PUBG Mobile players who log in every day.

Starting from the 9th, PUBG Mobile players can get extra points in Tier Rush Season for free every day until November 18th. In addition, PUBG Mobile players can also get daily prizes in the form of free points and weapons until November 22.

For PUBG Mobile players who are diligent in logging in from November 9-25, they have the opportunity to get 2400 UC for a limited time. There is also a free permanent epic suit for players who log in from November 11-17.

Then through this Reunion Party, players can also access a limited UC Shop to get some free suits from November 11-30. Even players can get new characters for free on November 16-30.

The most exciting part, every player has the opportunity to win an iPhone 13 Pro Max on November 11-20.

Another event that is no less exciting is the collaboration of PUBG Mobile with Koenigsegg, a super car brand from Sweden. Through this collaboration, PUBG Mobile presents a Speed ​​Drift event for players to experience the sensation of driving this super car. During November, PUBG Mobile players can purchase Koenigsegg Jesko & Koenigsegg Gemera in three different colors in-game.

To get Koenigsegg in PUBG Mobile, buyers must buy it with Koenigsegg Coin. Now, to be able to get Koenigsegg Coin, players must upgrade the spin in the Speed ​​Drift event to level 7. After reaching level 7, new players can get Koenigsegg Coin items to redeem Koenigsegg car skins.

The next collaboration is a collaboration that makes the players never walk alone, namely Liverpool Football Club. The collaboration with Liverpool FC, which was inaugurated on November 12, presents an in-game event with prizes for special backpack permanent items from Liverpool FC.

For PUBG Mobile players who want to get the Liverpool backpack permanent item, they must complete a total of 30 classic game modes on 11-12 November 2021.

The last but no less surprising collaboration is the collaboration with League of Legends: Arcane. This collaboration with Arcane will present several interesting things, ranging from characters, game modes and items through airdrops during matches. The Arcane characters present in PUBG Mobile are League of Legend champions such as JinX, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jayce in PUBG Mobile.

To play with the characters JinX, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jayce, players only need to play on the Erangel map. When playing on the Erangle map with Arcane characters, players will get special items via airdrops.

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