Drowning 30 Years, Ghost Village Suddenly Appears Again


A village in Spain, abandoned by its residents 30 years ago due to a dam construction project, has suddenly resurfaced. The ruins of people's houses can be seen when the water level drops.

In a national tragedy, Aceredo, the name of the village, was flooded in 1992, when the Portuguese hydroelectric plant closed its floodgates. The nearby Limea River flooded the land and surrounding buildings.

Unexpectedly, 30 years later, a rare image showing the low water level in the Lindoso reservoir reveals the remains of buildings that used to be houses, farms and barns belonging to the people of Aceredo before being forced to give up their land. Many of the walls of the buildings have collapsed, but not a few of the structures remain intact.

Some 70 village houses made of stone and wood are still standing, while others have collapsed or been washed away. There are also some buildings whose roofs can survive for decades under water.

Also found are lines of farmland marked by stone walls, old roads and trails that run through the small village that was once home to about 120 residents.

As quoted from the Daily Mail, old vehicles and other personal belongings that have been rusted are scattered among the rubble. Interestingly, other items such as glass bottles and home decorations remain in their place on the table or shelf as they were before the owner left.

Aceredo's tragedy began when an agreement was reached in 1968 between the heads of state from Spain and Portugal, Francisco Franco and António de Oliveira Salazar Salazar, to use their common border river to build the Lindoso dam.

But the subsequent agreement had consequences, namely the expropriation of land and houses belonging to a number of villages and their inhabitants in the area.

To get rid of the local villagers, the Portuguese hydroelectric company EDP began negotiations. Initially, the majority of the people living in Aceredo were not interested in leaving their homes.

Meanwhile, several others gave in to the compensation offered to them. However, as soon as the company 'convinced' 51% of the population, a forced expropriation was issued and there was no way to peace, despite demonstrations, hunger strikes and confrontations with the police.

Apart from Aceredo, four other villages, O Bao, Buscalque, A Reloeira, and Lantemil also drowned when the dam closed, forcing their inhabitants to leave in 1992.

Meanwhile, residents of other cities at higher altitudes have more time to prepare for the water that floods their area. In one case, villagers even demolished their church, brick by brick to rebuild it in a new place. Some even dug up the graves of their relatives to move with them.

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