Wins Award at SEA Game Awards 2021, This is Toge Production's Target

 Game developers from Indonesia, managed to win awards at the 2021 SEA Game Awards. One of them is Toge Productions, where the game they are working on, Coffee Talk, won one category, namely the Grand Jury Award.

"We feel happy, of course, because we are not only bringing the name of the game and studio. But also bringing the name of Indonesia in this event," said Toge Productions in a statement to us.

According to them, this is one of the visions, to make the nation proud in the international arena. So winning the Grand Jury Award, is also one of the stepping stones for Toge Productions, in order to realize the mission and vision.

"For Toge Productions as a company, we hope that in the future we can continue to include games that we develop and publish in events like this," said Toge Productions.

They also hope to win other awards on a higher scale. Not only in Southeast Asia, but also at the international level.

"As for Coffee Talk, we are currently developing a sequel with the title Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly. The plan is to release it on PC and consoles. Our target is to have it released in 2022," said Toge Productions.

In addition to focusing on developing a sequel, their internal team is also working on a war-themed strategy game, entitled Kriegsfront Tactics. In addition to working with Mojiken Studio in the development of the game, which takes the Indonesian concept of the 90s, A Space for the Unbound.

"We are currently also running a program titled Toge Game Fund Initiative (TGFI). In which we want to help provide funds of up to Rp 150 million to game developers, not only in Indonesia, but throughout Southeast Asia," said Toge Productions.

The goal, so that the developers can realize their game prototypes. It was revealed that there were already six projects participating in TGFI, of which three were from Indonesia and three from Malaysia.

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