Ducati Cargo Dismantled, Overseas Netizens Are Angry


The criticism of the unboxing of the Ducati motorcycle cargo was not only from Indonesian netizens. Netizens abroad also protested.

The perpetrator of this unboxing is an employee who has now been fired and is also a YouTuber from Lombok. The cargo of the WSBK racing participants can only be opened by customs and the cargo owner team.

The drama ahead of the World Superbike Mandalika 2021, was responded to by the anger of Indonesian netizens. However, it turns out that they are not the only ones, foreign netizens are equally upset.

This unboxing was reported by foreign media, Speedweek. As we can see, a number of comments in German also enliven the Speedweek news.

There were some racist and disrespectful comments directed at Indonesia. In essence, they are worried about espionage between motorcycle manufacturers, due to illegally opened cargo in Indonesia.

"The (racist) must have measured, photographed and X-rayed everything. Later in 2023, CF Moto will join WSBK using a Ducati V4 clone," said a user named Tonicar.

Others protested why they missed it. There are parties who are not entitled in Indonesia to participate in unloading cargo and holding the WSBK racing team motorbikes. They are upset and angry.

"It's not justified for someone to hold the motorbike! I can't imagine the cargo being opened like that," said a netizen with the annoyed name Jickles.

"Surely the cargo was sealed, and only Customs could open it. But that doesn't seem to prevent people from unpacking it," quipped Loadstar77.

"Cargo seals can now be opened using tree shears. Copper cables are outdated," said CurvaFurioso, who suspected that the viral Indonesian person opened the cargo.

Although, there has been an explanation from the Indonesian Customs and Excise that they initially opened the cargo and were legally justified. But after that, it was suspected that there were unscrupulous employees and YouTubers who came to the cargo location. They hold and create video content.

The Mandalika Grand Prix Association (MGPA), as part of the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Group, apologized for the excitement over the motorcycle cargo belonging to the Ducati team being unloaded at the Mandalika Circuit, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

MGPA also regrets that irresponsible parties have approached motorbikes, took videos without permission, and published them, causing misunderstandings among motorcycle racing industry players.

Meanwhile, the YouTuber has deleted the video. He made a clarification and an apology. He argued that Customs opened it first and admitted that he did not know that it should not be published. We tried to contact him but there was no reply from him.

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