Easy Ways to Compare Cheap Prices When Shopping 11.11


Expected by consumers who are hunting for discounts, the momentum of the 11.11 shopping party is used by business people on various e-commerce sites competing to provide attractive offers. For consumers, there is an easy way to compare the cheapest prices.

iPrice released the 'Price Comparator' feature to help shoppers find the best deals on 11.11 celebrations. This feature was launched simultaneously in 6 countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

With the iPrice Price Comparator feature, buyers will be provided with information about which seller is providing the best discount on their favorite product.

This feature also aims to reduce the obstacles faced when tracking prices from various e-commerce sites and save consumers time.

"We are committed to continuously increasing trust, convenience and transparency in everything we do. The iPrice Price Comparison feature fulfills our mission to help shoppers save prices through a comfortable shopping experience," said iPrice Group Chief Product Officer Heinrich Wendel in a statement. written, Thursday (11/11/2021).

"Consumers only need to subscribe to the product they want on the price comparison page on the iPrice website. Next, iPrice will send a notification when the 11.11 promo period starts, regarding the lowest price of any product they choose among tens of thousands of products," he continued.

Here's an easy way to compare prices at an 11.11 shopping party:

Visit the iPrice website and search for the desired product on the Price List page

On the Price Comparison page, click 'Get 11.11 Deals'

Fill in the required information and click 'Register'

iPrice will inform buyers which merchant/seller will provide the lowest price when the 11.11 period starts.

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