Fortnite X Naruto, Presents Cool Skins and All Characters in Team 7

 Fortnite announced its collaboration with one of the popular anime, namely Naruto. Not only presenting skins, but also several other elements, such as accessories, Kurama, Pakkun and many more.

"Unexpected number one ninja and owner of the nine tailed beast, is now here with the rest of Team 7, to bring players to the Victory Royale," wrote the Fortnite Team.

Besides Naruto Uzumaki, he was also accompanied by his friends, from Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake. The presence of Kurama did not escape, where he would help the main character jump from the plane.

The accessories presented are Kunai, Hidan's Scythe, Snake Sword and Black Ops Sword. Players can also visit the most iconic locations, namely Konoha and the Hokage and Ichakaru Residences on the Naruto Featured Hub.

To explore deeper, gamers can find Naruto in front of his residence, which will guide to the hidden Leaf Village map. Not only did they team up with the Ninjas from Konoha, they recently brought Jinx, one of the League of Legends champions, into battle.

Unfortunately, only the little Powder that has grown up is served by Epic Games. Not seen his beloved brother, VI, also visited this Battle Royale game.

In the game players will have the option to purchase Outfit, Black Blink, Pickaxe and Lobby Track in the Arcane Jinx Bundle. Includes Jinxed Spray and Wreaking Havoc and Katchoo.

This is the umpteenth collaboration that has been done. Fortnite does often bring characters from other movies or games, to visit their gameplay.

However, keep in mind that all of this is not given for free. There is a price that players have to pay, using the in-game virtual currency, namely V-Bucks.

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