Having a Beautiful Design, Vivo Y33s is Suitable for Creative Content Creators

 Now times have started to change. If in the past, children were asked about their dreams and answered that they wanted to be teachers, doctors, policemen and other professions like that, now becoming content creators is included in the dreams of today's children. This is inseparable from the success stories of content creators who are very tempting to follow in their footsteps.

That's why now many people want to become a content creator. To support this, Vivo launched the Vivo Y33s to the smartphone market. With the theme 'All Fun in One', the new Y-Series variant comes with a comfortable and enjoyable multitasking experience.

Vivo again presents the latest product line up on the market. This time through the vivo Y33s, we understand that consumers want a smartphone that is practical in just one hand to support their daily activities for their entertainment and multitasking activities.

Vivo Y33s carries many excellent features to support consumers who want to realize their dreams of becoming content creators. Here are the advantages of the vivo Y33s that can be an option to support the path of becoming a content creator.

A Camera That Is Not Only Clear, But Also Sophisticated

The main need for a content creator is to produce good quality videos and images for the audience to enjoy. And the vivo Y33s, answers that need. It is supported by a high-resolution rear camera, which is 50MP with the Night Camera feature, to produce clearer and more detailed photos and videos even in low light or at night.

The Vivo Y33s rear camera has a configuration of 50MP Main Camera, 2MP Super Bokeh Camera, and 2MP Super Macro Camera. vivo Y33s also has some of the latest camera features that potential content creators can maximize, including Super Night Mode, Super Night Selfie, Eye Autofocus and Stylish Night Filters.

What's more, the vivo Y33s also has the Ultra Stable Video feature with EIS support on this smartphone camera to help users produce stable and clear videos. Even the need to produce good content can be supported with the vivo Y33s.

Super Free Storage with Jumbo RAM and ROM

The need to produce good content by presenting good camera and video quality is indeed the main thing for content creators. But no less important is the large storage space, to support the various files produced so that they are stored comfortably and safely.

vivo Y33s is also equipped with the flagship feature of 8GB + 4GB Extended RAM. This feature is useful to support the multi-tasking and daily productivity needs of increasingly diverse users. This feature allows the vivo Y33s to increase the RAM capacity to 12GB, the largest in its class, by taking an idle internal memory capacity of 4GB.

Through a large RAM memory capacity, Vivo Y33s provides convenience and comfort for prospective content creators, to open several applications simultaneously more smoothly and without interruption.

Vivo Y33s is also embedded with a large internal memory capacity via 128GB ROM to provide flexibility for content creators to store various document files, photos, music videos and applications. In addition, the memory capacity of the vivo Y33s can be expanded using external memory up to 1TB.

Having a Beautiful Design, Vivo Y33s is Suitable for Creative Content Creators Having a Beautiful Design, Vivo Y33s is Suitable for Creative Content Creators Reviewed by thecekodok on 4:51:00 AM Rating: 5
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