Jabra Evolve2 75 Released, Targeting Hybrid Workers

 Jabra released a new headset called Evolve2 75, which targets professional workers, different from the previous series which targeted the consumer market.

The enterprise segment is targeted because, according to Jabra, currently the majority of workers consider the ideal work system to be a hybrid model or a combination of working from home and office.

Through the Evolve2 75, Jabra claims to be able to provide innovative solutions for this segment. Because this headset is designed to increase the ease of working flexibly, so users can increase their productivity wherever they are.

Jabra 2021 Global Research on Hybrid Working also shows that 85% of workers say they can be more comfortable at work when they feel supported by good quality audio, video, and connectivity.

What's the difference with a regular headset, as is usually included in cell phone sales packages? The most obvious difference is a matter of comfort.

"Try to use the headset (which comes with the cellphone) for 4 hours in a row. It must be painful and hot in the ears," said Brodjo in a virtual press conference, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

According to him, this is different from using an enterprise headset which is intended for long-duration conference calls, such as the Evolve2 75.

Because this headset is equipped with a unique dual-foam technology, equipped with ergonomic earmuffs and ergonomic design of synthetic leather ear cushions. Enhanced ear ventilation reduces pressure in the ear.

Jabra Evolve2 75 Photo: Doc. Jabra

The same goes for convenience, because enterprise-class headsets such as the Evolve2 75 are certified with various video conferencing platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. So that the control buttons and other features on the headset can work well with the features on the platform.

"For example, the microphone, which when folded will automatically mute the microphone (on Zoom, Meet, and Teams). This enterprise grade is very influential, the goal is clear, to be as comfortable as possible to support our productivity," he added.

The microphone on the Evolve2 75 can also eliminate ambient noise. In total there are 8 microphones on this headset, which work with Jabra's triple chipset algorithm, which can distinguish the user's voice from the noise around the user.

If used with the built-in dongle, the Evolve2 75's range is claimed to reach 30 meters, and can also be connected to two devices at once. Endurance to listen to music reaches 36 hours, while talk time reaches 25 hours (without ANC and busylight - lights that turn on when the user is on a phone call).

This headset that also supports Google Fast Pair feature (for Android users) is available from January 2022

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