SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Dragon Edition Review – The Most Comfortable Gaming Headphone

The most significant change I've made since becoming a dad is buying a set of headphones for video game sessions at home. The main reason is to ensure that the audio from the loud video game will not disturb the children and wife at home. The secondary reason is to prevent the child from hearing a game that is quite mature and rough. The last reason is to enjoy the game session without being disturbed by external audio.

At home all this time I have been using Razer Blackshark V2 Pro 2023 and ASUS ROG Delta S Wireless which both set a high bar in terms of audio capabilities but also comfort during long gaming sessions. Can the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Dragon Edition compete with these two headphones? The answer is in the comments below.


SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Dragon Edition

Type Closed back earphones

40mm Neodymium drivers

Microphone 1 ClearCast Gen 2

38 Hour Battery (2.4Ghz)

26 Hours (BT)

USB-C charging port

Wireless charging None

2.4 GHz Quantum 2.0 Gaming Wireless connection


PC supported operating system


Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 5

Nintendo Switch

Oculus Quest 2



Virtual assistant support None

Physical control buttons

Waterproof ability None

Selling Price RM 1099


In terms of design, the Nova 7 Dragon Edition is a pair of gaming headphones made entirely of plastic with a design in conjunction with the year of the dragon. The whole body is red with a golden spiral dragon logo on the side. Like the previously launched Nova 7 (like the Diablo edition of the past), the two side panels on the ear cups can be removed and swapped via a magnetic connection. In the set purchased, two sets are offered, one with the gold dragon design and the other set with the SteelSeries logo also in gold.

The Nova 7 is a series of headphones that are quite popular among gamers because they focus on comfort rather than style. I say this because it is made of plastic which makes it feel light when worn on the head. It's much lighter if I compare it to the gaming headphones I've owned.

After a long game session, there is no pressure on the crown of the head and the head does not feel like it is stuck. Another positive point is that there is an elastic part at the top of the head that can be repositioned depending on the size of the wearer's head. My head is quite large and the Nova 7 has no problem fitting snugly on the head. It doesn't feel like it wants to come off even if the head is moved quickly.

There are a lot of control buttons on the Nova 7 which makes it very gamer friendly. While fighting you don't have time to look for the remote control or change the audio settings through the PS5 menu for example. On the left cup there is a rotary switch to change the audio volume as well as a hole for the 3.5mm audio jack.

On the right ear cup there is a rotary switch to change the audio from the game or in-game conversation as well as a USB-C charging port. There are also physical buttons for microphone mute, bluetooth tethering, and power.

A thick and comfortable sponge is used on the ear cups. Feels like a soft pillow with ears not pinched and still breathable. Even though the weather in Malaysia is quite hot during Ramadan, it doesn't even feel like the ears are so hot that they sweat. The problem of the headphone bus smelling of pumping does not occur on the Nova 7.

So far I have only written praises such as the name of Raihan's album. But the reality is that I don't like all the elements on the Nova 7. First of all is the plastic body construction which feels a bit cheap for a pair of earphones that cost up to RM1000. It reminds me of the Sony WH-CH720N earphones reviewed last year.

I understand the plastic body is used for the purpose of lightening the headphones but it makes the Nova 7 feel less premium and less durable. I have two rather ferocious cats at home. Sometimes headphones that are placed on a holder at home fall and are hit by these two tails. A little worried if it falls, the plastic ear cup will break if it falls often.

The design may not be very luxurious, but the Nova 7 is very rich in additional features. Most interesting is the ability to be tethered to two devices simultaneously. One via bluetooth and the other with a 2.4 GHz tether. I can listen to music (or even phone calls) from the phone and game audio from the PlayStation 5 simultaneously. I have never used this feature on other gaming headphones that have been reviewed. With this while daydreaming in a video game I can still hear the phone ringing.

The 2.4 GHz dongle uses a USB-C connection. But SteelSeries gives away a USB-C to USB-A adapter with every purchase. Therefore there will be no issue of the dongle not being usable because the device does not have a USB-C port

The button on the right side of the head also makes it easy to adjust the audio from the game and chat manually. In the game Call of Duty Warzone I want to hear the conversation of team members clearly to carry out an attack in the same area.

When the battery runs out, the 3.5mm cable connection can be done without any problems. This is necessary because the battery life of the Nova 7 is short if I compare it to the ROG Delta S and the Black Shark V3. No need to worry if you forget to charge the Nova 7 because wired connection can still be done.

Talking about connectivity, Nova 7 also supports Android, iOS, PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Switch and Quest 2. Pretty good connectivity support. I should remind you that support for Xbox consoles is not provided. But to change various settings such as audio profile, filter noise on microphone and many more you need a PC as there is no support for Mac.


I originally felt the audio quality lacked life because the bass was moderate and the treble was not loud. But after changing the audio profile through the SteelSeries Sonar software, it was only then that the audio played felt interesting. In this software there are various profiles such as giving priority to bass, treble, vocals, music, movies and more. Sonar even has settings for some popular video games. But as I said above, it can only be enjoyed by PC users.

In addition to the choice of various audio profiles, I can also set the audio level myself if I feel that the available profiles are not strong enough. Another feature I love is multi-format spatial audio support. I was only able to test spatial audio on PS5 and ROG Ally. On both consoles the audio moves quite accurately and I feel like I'm actually in a video game world.

What if the Nova 7 is used to listen to music? I feel these headphones are designed for video games and watching videos. Therefore, the audio when listening to music I feel is not so brilliant. Not bad just not on par with the Sony XM5 for example which are my headphones of choice for listening to music

The last thing I want to touch on is that the ear cups of the Nova 7 don't block out external audio very well. Without ANC I can clearly hear my colleagues' conversations. So I can't recommend using the Nova 7 outdoors like regular headphones.


Audio from the microphone is also clear for use when chatting in video games. Based on tests, for best quality the microphone should be fully removed with it directed towards the mouth. The audio isn't as good as a cardiod XLR mic (like the SteelSeries Alias Pro) on a desk but is satisfactory for its small size. On the microphone catch there is an LED light that lights up when the mute button is activated.

The microphone used is very good because of the quality of the conversation that can be heard clearly by teammates when we are in MP sessions in online games. There are no audio issues that are not clear. In fact once through the Sonar software I can activate an audio filter with a built-in noise gate feature. The noise of fans, air conditioners, and cooling systems can be prevented from being picked up by the Nova 7's microphone.


The battery is advertised to last up to 38 hours using BT or 2.4 GHz. But if I use BT and 2.4 GHz simultaneously, the battery life drops to 26 hours. On average the Nova 7 I tested lasted up to three days before needing to be charged. Through fast charging, the battery can last up to 6 hours after being charged in just 15 minutes.


Here's what you get with every purchase in Malaysia.

1x SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7

1x USB-C to USB-C charging cable.

1x USB-C to USB-A adapter cable

1x 2.4 GHz Dongle

2x Extra magnetic side plates.


The SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 gaming headphones are feature-rich and the most comfortable headphones I've reviewed so far. It is light with ear foam that does not cause the issue of the head feeling pinched or sweating due to heat. The ability to stream audio from two audio sources simultaneously is also very useful. The Sonar software allows the audio profile to be changed and the microphone level to be changed. Audio is also very good especially in the video games I tested on the PlayStation 5.

The downside lies in the overly plastic build material making the Nova 7 not feel like a premium pair of headphones. The software is also limited to Windows operating systems only.

At a price of RM1099 the selling price of the SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 is quite expensive. However, in terms of features, software, audio quality and comfort, I feel it is still worth it for gamers looking for headphones that can be used for a long time.


Light and comfortable to use for a long time.

Solid audio for video games.

Can stream audio from two different sources simultaneously.

Software that provides detailed control.

Fast charging support.

Wired cable connection is possible.

Supports multiple computers, consoles, and smartphones.


Does not support Xbox

The price is quite expensive for plastic headphones.

The battery life is quite short compared to other premium gaming headphones.

Does not block external audio well.

The software only supports Windows 11.

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