Instagram Tries to Combine Short Video Content into Reels

 Instagram Reels has continued to grow rapidly since its launch. To mark its growth, Instagram is also testing the concept of new videos and Reels.

This trial will unify all video content uploaded via feeds under 15 minutes in duration as Reels. These videos will later be accessible in a special tab on the profile along with other Reels videos.

This new system will convert all short videos uploaded via feeds and IGTV with a duration of under 15 minutes as Reels content.

Because it uses the Reels format, this video will be accessible via the Reels tab on the Instagram front page. In addition, Instagram will provide a new special video tab on the profile that users can access to view long video content created by their favorite accounts.

Putri said that short video content in Stories will still only be displayed in Stories, as well as videos from Instagram Live will remain the same. Meanwhile, Reels content created using the Reels camera is still limited to one minute.

This change was introduced to help creators and businesses reach a larger audience, as Reels content is easier for non-followers to find than posts in feeds or Stories.

This trial is our way of responding to our users' desire to provide entertaining videos directly in their feeds, as well as the experience of exploring full-screen video content in high quality.

This trial will also support creators to make video content easier because they don't have to bother deciding whether I'm making Reels, whether I'm creating regular video content.

Currently piloting a new concept video on Instagram is underway over the next few months.

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