Some Disadvantages of iPhone 13 Compared to Android Phones

 The iPhone 13 is classy in terms of design, performance, and camera. Operating this phone is also smooth and smooth so it's no wonder it's the dream of many people. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't have any drawbacks compared to Android phones, especially high-end models.

The first thing that is obvious is the notch. The notch or bangs on the iPhone 12 is indeed smaller than the iPhone 12, but it is still quite clearly visible. "On the other hand, many Android manufacturers are able to design screens with a faint front camera, making Android phones feel like wide glass," wrote Cnet.

Indeed, there is a reason there is still a notch on the iPhone 13, for example, to embed the Face ID feature. Face ID facial scanning is widely called safer and better than Android phones.

The second drawback is that when the iPhone 13 screen is turned off, no information is displayed. Even though it has been a long time since a row of Android phones has an always on feature that can display important information such as the time and date.

"We think this feature is useful when you want to quickly see the time or meeting schedule without having to open your cellphone," said Cnet.

Then, Android phones such as the Pixel 5 and Galaxy S21 are equipped with wireless charging capabilities on the back case, for example, a Samsung watch can only be attached. While the iPhone 13 does not yet have a similar function, for example to recharge the Apple Watch.

Especially? "You may miss the time when the iPhone can still be unlocked with a fingerprint," wrote Cnet. Many Android manufacturers are still embedding the fingerprint feature, even more sophisticated because it is embedded in the screen.

However, that shortcoming may not be a problem for iPhone fans. After all, Apple is usually just about to immerse a breakthrough technology that they think is ripe for implementation on the iPhone.

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