Instagram Will Remove Add Yours Who Share Personal Data

 Instagram is taking strong action following abuse of the Add Yours sticker. Add Yours content that shows personal data will be deleted.

We will remove content that shares, offers and collects personally identifiable information or other personal information that may cause physical or financial harm.

Other personal information includes financial, residential and medical information, as well as personal information obtained from illegal sources. Instagram emphasizes that the privacy and security of users' personal data information is of fundamental importance to them.

"We strive to protect users' personal information and identity, and we do not allow users to post personal or confidential information, either about themselves or others," they said.

However, Instagram said it was possible personal information could be posted on their platform. That is if the information comes from news, court filings, press releases, or other sources.

Instagram asks users to report content that users believe has violated their privacy rights via the FOLLOWING link. Instagram also asks users to reread the privacy violation rules in link I.

Previously, social media was currently busy with discussions about the 'Add Yours' trend on Instagram which was eventually used for fraud. Not a few users are stuck giving their personal data on IG Story.

A viral tweet from @ditamoechtar_ revealed that his friend was a victim of a scam because he followed the Add Yours trend and gave his personal nickname. As a result, the victim believes that he is sending money when the fraudster greets him by his first name.

On Twitter, there were many screenshots of Add Yours photos asking for personal data related to banking. This is what is dangerous because the attitude of netizens who are FOMO, aka talkative, don't want to miss the trend.

It's a shame, because exposure to personal data was not the original goal of Instagram launching the 'Add Yours' feature. On Tuesday, November 2, 2021, Instagram officially launched the Add Yours sticker to create user generated content (UGC) that can go viral and benefit all users. Users can show something on IG Story. Then he can ask other users to show the same.

It finally becomes a problem when the question on the Add Yours sticker is the user's personal data. ICT Institute Executive Director Heru Sutadi reminded internet users to be more careful and careful in using social media.

Must be careful and alert. Check again, don't easily follow the trend. You have to understand what can be shared and what can't.

In addition, the Head of SAFEnet's Access to Information Division, Unggul Sagena, said users must continue to ensure the security of their personal data. Don't post personal data, let alone just follow the trend

What is dangerous is indeed the content created by users. For this reason, always make sure that non-private content can be consumed by the public (viewed, engaged, and so on).

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