Mark Zuckerberg's Funny Parody Introduces Metaverse

Some time ago, Mark Zuckerberg introduced his vision of the virtual world of the metaverse as the future of the internet, as well as changing the name Facebook to Meta as the parent company. Iceland is keen to parody it as a funny tourism promotion.

The ad has gone viral and has been viewed nearly a million times on YouTube. Initially, an actor who was similar to Zuckerberg both in appearance and hairstyle appeared. His name is Zack Mossbergson as Chief Visionary Officer.

Then with a speaking style that parodies Zuck, he promotes the beautiful scenery of Iceland with funny language. "This is the Icelandverse," he said, pointing out the beautiful icy landscape.

"This is a real advanced reality, without having to wear a headset that looks ridiculous. In our open world, everything is real, and it has been like this for millions of years," he said with gestures like the founder of Facebook.

Not quite there, there is a scene outside the room where his face is suddenly all white. Again, this parodies Mark Zuckerberg's face while on vacation in Hawaii who applies too much sunscreen.

"All of this is completely immersive, with wet water, with real people. You're human, right?" he greeted someone in the water, then smiled, still with a white face.

Furthermore, it is shown how the beauty of Iceland's scenery can be enjoyed by tourists. This ad has also been praised by many netizens.

"Although some of it is a joke, this is a truly awesome ad and the message is real," one commented. "Anyone who has this ad idea deserves a bonus. I want to visit Iceland," said another. Here's the video:

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