Proof that the 2 richest people in the world are both comedians

 Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, they are the two richest people in the world who are fighting for the throne up and down. But they have something in common: they love memes. Recently, Jeff Bezos has been busy doing things when his girlfriend is close to Leonardo DiCaprio.

At that time, netizens teased that his girlfriend Bezos was being 'snatched' by Leo in a video that was spread when the three of them attended the LACMA Art+Film Gala. Bezos responded with a short caption and a photo of himself.

"Leo, come here, I want to show you something... @LeoDiCaprio," he wrote.

Automatically made a lot of laughs because of the reply from the billionaire who is the Founder of Amazon and Blue Origin.

Not inferior to Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk is the one who is best known for his humor. Dubbed the 'Lord Meme', the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX often shares funny photos.

There was even one moment where he 'nudged' Jeff Bezos with a comment he made on one meme. The meme alludes to the departure of Jeff Bezos and three of his colleagues to a sub-orbital, the internationally recognized boundary between Earth and space.

Or this one moment, about Jeff Bezos suing NASA for only cooperating with SpaceX on a mission to the Moon in 2025.

So... that's it. They are just like us. No matter how rich they are, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are both human beings who can feel emotions such as a sense of humor too.

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