Samsung Shows Flex OLED, Rollable Screen


Samsung has been working on the roll and slide screen for a long time, and now they are showing off the new screen via the microsite on their official website.

The page will serve as a platform for Samsung to showcase its latest technological developments and will be the site of announcements for the future of OLED panels.

Although currently the Galaxy Z Fold is still Samsung's flagship phone, in the future Samsung may have a cellphone with a more futuristic screen technology, namely a mobile phone screen that can be rolled up, using the 'Flex OLED' screen that is exhibited on the page.

Flex OLED can be made because it uses an ultra-thin glass (UTG) layer, which makes the phone (or tablet) able to use a screen that can slide (slide) or rather roll up, just like what Oppo did on a concept phone called Oppo X 2021.

Namely a phone with a screen that can be rolled back when used in the form of a cellphone in general, and the screen can be pulled open so that it resembles a tablet.

This actually makes the phone thicker. But with the latest technology where the screen curve can be smaller (1.4R), the phone can be made thinner.

"The very small 1.4R bend of the Samsung Flex OLED makes for a sharper curve, for a more compact and accurate phone design," explains Samsung.

Indeed, Samsung did not mention that they would be working on a phone with a design like this. However, since Samsung already has a screen with this technology, they should be able to add to their portfolio of Z-series phones.

Especially in May 2021, Samsung has registered a patent for the name 'Z Roll' at the European Union Intellectual Property Office. In the registration page, the Z Roll is said to support the S-Pen screen Z Fold 3.

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