Tips for Photographing Fashion Products Using HP for Promotion on Social Media


Photos have an important role to promote products on social media or e-commerce. Especially for fashion products that must show the colors and product details very clearly.

Taking product photos for promotion on social media or even for catalogs on the website can actually be done using a cellphone camera or cellphone. But to take photos of fashion products certainly can not be arbitrary.

The point is, when you take a photo, you can get the product details. If the details are available, then when they are displayed on social media or website catalogs, everything will be delicious.

Taking photos of products displayed on social media or catalogs is certainly not arbitrary. The photo must be made as beautiful as possible so that it can attract the attention of users who are scrolling through social media.

We also share some tips for photographing fashion products using an HP camera:

1. Choose a theme

In order to attract the attention of potential buyers, product photos uploaded on social media must of course be made in an aesthetic style. This aesthetic can be taken by following the brand guidelines of each MSME or business.

If, for example, the brand is cheerful, or indeed adventurous, we really need to adjust it first. After that, select a shooting location and properties that support and match the selected theme.

2. Use an adequate camera

Taking product photos for social media can't be careless, but that doesn't mean you have to use an expensive camera.

Also, pay attention to the lighting when taking photos. When taking photos that are intended specifically for catalogs, it is best done in a room with sufficient lighting so that product details can be captured properly.

3. Edit

Finally, after taking the photo, don't forget to polish it to make it look more beautiful. To edit product photos, also do it on your phone using the apps available on the Play Store.

As for the editing application itself, after being photographed, I moved it to Photoroom to remove the background.

Then for the color grading I use Lightroom. For example, for posters or Instagram stories, sometimes it is passed to Canva on the cellphone. So just pass it on the HP application.

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