WhatsApp Audio Messages Get New Features, Here's the Info


WhatsApp has been testing a feature that can change the speed of voice messages or voice notes when playing on Android and iOS applications. The feature seems to be quite successful because WhatsApp has prepared the latest version.

This playback speed control feature can be used to change the speed of voice messages to 1.5x or 2x faster. Now WABetaInfo reveals that the same feature will be presented for audio messages.

But, what is an audio message and how is it different from a voice message? According to WABetaInfo, an audio message is a voice message that has been forwarded to another contact.

When forwarded to another chat, voice messages lose the playback speed setting feature and can only be played at normal speed. But that will soon change as WhatsApp is developing a feature to change the playback speed of audio messages.

WABetaInfo says this feature is being developed in WhatsApp beta for iOS. Because it is still in the development stage, this feature cannot be accessed by WhatsApp users, including users who are in the beta program.

From the GIF uploaded by WABetaInfo, audio messages on WhatsApp can be accelerated up to 2x. Although it is not visible, it is likely that WhatsApp will also provide a 1.5x speed option to be the same as the option in voicemail, as quoted from 9to5Mac, Wednesday (11/24/2021).

Playback speed changer feature in WhatsApp audio messages Photo: WABetaInfo

Although only discovered in the WhatsApp beta for iOS, this feature will definitely be developed for Android as well. It is not yet known when this feature will be rolled out to more users.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp recently launched new features called 'Message-level Reporting' and 'Flash Calls'. This feature was released to improve user security on the WhatsApp platform.

The Message-level Reporting feature allows users to report an account to WhatsApp by flagging certain messages. While the Flash Call feature allows users to verify phone numbers with automatic dialing when installing the WhatsApp application.

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