When Jack Ma Claims to be a Stupid

Jack Ma's story in achieving success with Alibaba is indeed inspiring. You could say he has no capital, his family is poor and Ma admits that he often experiences failure in his life. In addition, on various occasions, he claimed to be a fool.

Ma once admitted that he was weak in academics, especially mathematics. He also did not master the management issues well, as well as the intricacies of technology.

"I'm not good at Maths, I've never studied management and still stutter at reading accounting reports," said Jack Ma admitting his weakness.

"Even to this day, I still don't understand what coding is, I still don't understand the technology behind the internet," he said again on one occasion.

"I'm a very simple man, I'm not smart. Everyone thinks Jack Ma is a very smart person. I may look smart but my brain is very stupid," Jack Ma admitted.


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"I'm not a tech guy. I see technology from the eyes of my consumers, the eyes of normal people. I don't know anything about technology," he also said.

People were impressed with Jack Ma who seemed humble. But later, Jack Ma was judged to have really made a fool of himself by criticizing the Chinese financial system so that his country was thwarted and no longer appeared in public.

The iconic figure in the technology world is considered to have made a blunder or miscalculation. Even though he was actually warned not to speak controversially because several high-ranking Chinese officials were present when he delivered his speech.

"They (the Chinese government) slapped him. He has learned, that's why he is silent. Some of his friends have told me they can't believe how stupid Jack Ma is," said Shaun Rein, a business consultant in Shanghai some time ago.

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