12 Days Full of Cool Items at Low Prices in Call of Duty: Mobile


Garena Call of Duty: Mobile offers many special events for all players this month. Gamers can enjoy the latest super cool items, special events that allow you to get epic prizes, to discount discounts. Let's take a peek at this one.

Special 12 Days Promo For You!

Starting today, a series of special discounts has arrived at Garena Call of Duty: Mobile, for its loyal players. With the event titled 12 days a deal, for 12 consecutive days, various favorite crates will be presented and can be obtained at special prices

Crate is also very diverse, ranging from weapon crate to character crate. Starting from a vanguard with a legendary snowboard, epic Artery, epic outrider and many more that you can get every day.

Not only that, which comes with a special discount, there are various other surprises. Where has been prepared specially in Garena Call of Duty: Mobile for you both old and new players.

In addition, Garena has prepared soldiers' favorite epics, which can be obtained for free. The only way is to diligently play and complete the missions in the in-game.

No need to bother, everything you need is already in the special events tab, then it can be accessed with just one click. The event, which has a duration until the end of this month, presents three main characters that players can have. Among these are Ghost, Hazmat Bomber and Soap!

Yup, this super iconic character was distributed to all soldiers for the first time through this event. In addition to the three main prizes, various other appreciations are also ready to supply loadout supplies, such as the Ak47 and Man O War as the favorite rifles of all soldiers.

Curious about what's coming next? Stay tuned for more fun and more information, only on the official Garena Call of Duty: Mobile Instagram and Facebook.

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