5 Fun Ideas to Welcome the New Year 2022 at Home


It doesn't feel like a few hours from now we will all celebrate the moment of the turn of the year. Usually to celebrate this moment, it is filled with various activities such as watching fireworks, burning, or gathering with family and closest people.

However, because we are currently still in a COVID-19 pandemic situation, there is nothing wrong with celebrating this moment by staying at home to be safer. Yep, celebrating the new year's moment by staying at home is no less exciting. Because there are many exciting activities you can do to celebrate this moment.

There are 5 fun ways to celebrate New Year's moments at home.

Barbeque at Home

Eating grilled food can be said to be a habit that is often done by many people when celebrating new year's moments. Well, you can also do this even though this new year is only at home.

You can do barbeque with the whole family at home. For choosing the right menu, you don't have to worry about it. Because you can take advantage of the grab mart which presents a variety of fresh food choices for barbecue needs. This service is also more practical because the maximum delivery time is only 2 hours after payment.

Movie Marathon

After full of food, continue with a movie marathon with the family. For recommendations, it can be films with family nuances or those that are currently hits. But wait, before doing that activity, you have to make sure that your internet package or cable TV service at home is not disturbed.

Well, to make your movie marathon even more exciting, online stores provide a row of streaming vouchers, you know. This streaming voucher will certainly be very useful for those of you who want a movie marathon during the New Year's celebration at home.

The online store also provides a selection of streaming vouchers that can be accessed by the public.

Video Call with Family or Friends

To celebrate this new year's moment, it can also be celebrated by video calling with the closest people. However, to make video calls more exciting, make sure your data and quota packages are available. Don't have fun chatting anymore, it suddenly breaks because the quota package runs out.

Karaoke with Family

Enliven the new year's moment from home is also suitable to do with karaoke with family. To make it more exciting and feel like a karaoke place, you can use a mic and sound system that is specially designed for karaoke activities.

Make a Resolution for 2022

It doesn't feel right if on New Year's Eve you don't make a resolution for 2022. You can make resolutions starting from finances and investments for 2022. Or if you are confused about making a financial plan for 2022, you can take advantage of our tips.

To manage finances, you can use the 50, 30, and 20 formulas. The concept describes 50% for monthly basic needs, 30% savings, and 20% fun.

You can also take advantage of gold investment instruments that are classified as minimal risk through a gold saving account.

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