Employees Don't Want To Be Left Behind, Apple Offers Big Bonuses

 Hiring new employees is not too difficult when compared to retaining existing employees, especially if they have competent and brilliant skills for the advancement of the company.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is also offering a big bonus in an effort to keep its competent employees from leaving the company to move to another company.

The report claims that Apple is trying to keep its engineers and programmers from leaving Apple. It is known that the bonus amount is USD 50 thousand to USD 180 as reported by us from Ubergizmo, Friday (12/31/2021).

However, this bonus does not come in cash, but rather as a limited unit of stock that is awarded for four years.

This means that for these employees to truly benefit from the bonus, they must remain with the company if they are to cash in on it.

These bonuses are also reportedly not part of the regular compensation package that Apple pays its employees, meaning additional bonuses that are meant to be incentives.

It's not a new thing that companies are hunting each other for talented and competent employees.

"We've seen how some of Apple's competitors have managed to hire some of the company's employees, and at the same time, we've also seen Apple convince employees of other companies to join," Ubergizmo wrote.

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