6 Games that Receive Funding from Toge Game Fund Initiative

 Indonesian game developer, Toge Productions has announced a list of games that are eligible to receive the funding program, entitled Toge Game Fund Initiative (TGFI). Later, those who are selected will also receive mentoring from them.

This activity provides funding of up to Rp 150 million for each studio. Where it aims to support developers who want to realize their game ideas, become a prototype or demo.

In the information obtained by us, this program is intended for game developers in Southeast Asia. This is also not binding, so the IP is still held by the selected team or studio.

6 Selected Games in TGFI

Project Dharma

Project Darma is a fast-paced action game, set in modern Indonesia. Where the story tells of a hitman who wants revenge.

He also gets a mission to kill the leader of a gangster association. This game was developed by Anoman Studio, a developer based in Jakarta and Surabaya since 2014.

Let's Drink!

This game is based on a popular webtoon, entitled 'Ngopi Yuk!' by Sisifafa and Romy Hernadi. This game will tell the story of a traditional coffee shop, specifically in Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

Not only providing coffee for visitors, but also always the arrival of people from various walks of life. They bring different unique and interesting stories. Let's Drink! developed by Uniqx Studio, which has made various Android games.

Project Descent

Project Desccent is a real-time tactics strategy game set in a fantasy world, which is inspired by Southeast Asia. Players must manage the fighters and prepare various strategies, in order to bring home the victory from the war.

This game was developed by Kotakoren Games. They are developers from Malaysia.

Project Angkara

Project Angkara is a retro FPS game inspired by Hexen. Set in a fantasy world that inserts the dark side and mythology of Southeast Asia.

The player must stop the cycle of life and death, which is endless using the power of time. The game was developed by Trimatra Interactive, who previously created Ravensword: Undaunted on Steam.

Secret Life of Dorian Pink

Taking the concept of a narrative Role Playing Game (RPG), players try to save their lover, Basil from hell. You will be forced to make confusing choices.

Then make friends along the way and make donuts explode. Secret Life of Dorian Pink is produced by AmberLimShin, a developer from Malaysia.

Sunset Satellite

Sunset Satellite is a jam game that was previously held by Toge Productions, for the community at the end of 2020, which started the establishment of Twilight Foundry Games.

This game is an interactive fiction game with 3D graphic visual design. Where will give an emotional sense when playing it. Tells about the journey of growing up, and accepting it gracefully.

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