6 Trends Netizens Will Talk About on Twitter Next Year


Twitter has just shared the #OnlyTwitter2021 list which lists the topics and accounts that have been talked about a lot by netizens throughout the year. The social media with the bird logo also reveals six trends that are predicted to be widely discussed on its platform in 2022.

This prediction is made by analyzing the billions of conversations on Twitter in recent years and seeing where they are moving. Even so, he admits that trends on Twitter can change in a matter of days or even hours.

The man who is usually called Ade revealed that one of the trends that will be discussed a lot next year is wellbeing. Actually, this topic has started to be discussed a lot this year with tweets about mental health, self love, and self care.

People are starting to realize that living in this pandemic is already hard. They are stressed, they are depressed and this is arguably important for everyone to be able to cope with.

The next trend is the ever-growing community of digital creators. He gave an example of how the conversation around non-fungible tokens (NFT) is now being led by collectives like the Superlative Secret Society.

Because the pandemic is predicted to last until 2022, Twitter estimates that netizens will still talk about entertainment topics to escape reality and seek distraction. Ade gave an example that in 2021 several hashtags that were discussed a lot, including #ikatancinta, #attackontitan, and #genshinimpact.

Another conversational trend relates to the environment where many people choose to move to be able to live closer to nature. Twitter also predicts people will talk about using technology, especially e-commerce platforms.

Finally, Ade said Twitter sees users will use its platform to further show their identity, for example to voice support for their favorite football team, or talk about their favorite K-pop idol.

"From these six trends, we actually anticipate that they will continue to occur, regardless of the trend every day that is different," he concluded.

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